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Q: Tell me about your dance school ?

A: The Shona Clack School of Dance has been successfully running for over 26 years in both Princes Risborough and Longwick. We have pupils who have been with us for that length of time who have grown into exceptional dancers.

Q: What Dance genres do you teach ?

A: We offer classes in Disco Freestyle, Rock and Roll, Latin American, Ballroom and Ballet and Tap to children and adults of all ages and abilities. Encouraging good posture, strength, technique and confidence, we cater for all, whether they just want a fun activity to take up or are looking for a career in dance.

Q: Where are your dance classes held ?

A: We hold dance classes at Risborough Springs Gym, Princes Risborough, the Baptist Church Hall Princes Risborough, and Longwick Village Hall.

Q: Do you offer a free trial lesson ?

A: Yes we do !  To book your free trial class please click here.

Q: What should I / my child wear for the free trial lesson ?

A: You can wear anything that you can move freely in (for example shorts, t-shirt, leggings and skirt) and soft shoes or bare feet for ballet, and hard soled shoes for tap classes.

Q: What age can my child start Dance Classes ?

A: Most children are ready to start dance classes at 2 1/2 years of age.

Q: Can we stay and watch the lesson ?

A: In our experience, children relax, pay attention, and enjoy the lessons far more without a parent or carer watching as it tends be very distracting to the class. Therefore parents are only allowed to settle a child in for their first class.

Q: Do you run classes in the school holidays ?

A: No we do not, dancing lessons stop during the schools holidays and half terms.

Q: Is there parking available where you hold dance classes ?

A: Yes there is parking at all the venues we use for dance classes, but you will have to pay a charge if you park at the Risborough Springs Car Park.

Q: Is there an opportunity for my child to appear in any shows ?

A: Yes The Shona Clack School of Dance is proud to offer all our students an opportunity to participate in a stage performance, every year for the last 26 years we have put on a Christmas Show which is held in Risborough Upper School.  Taking part in the performance helps to build our children’s confidence and improve their self-esteem along with overcoming shyness. It also gives them an exciting and unforgettable experience, and of course helps them to understand the purpose of working hard for the whole year.

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